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Glued 2 tablets side by side...

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Hi guys, I came with a problem and can't find the solution. I looked on internet everywhere I could and here is the closest I found but still not right.

The problem here is it cut the last part of the my longest table. The 2 tables doesn't have the same rows number but I need them all and I only need 1 category to be shown. 

So I need the 2 tables be glued together side by side filtered by category ( both table share the same categories ) with no missing data (of that category)

So far this is what I got. I tried to join but it keep duplicating rows so instead of getting 200 rows I get like 3k rows. I tried union too and no success. I'm out of inspiration right now.

If you can point a right or better path it would be great. 

Here's my query so far:

SELECT t1.`id`, t1.c1, t1.`total`, t2.`id`, t2.c2, t2.`total`


SELECT @i:=@i+1 AS rowId, `id`, `categories` as c1, `total` FROM extable17, (SELECT @i:=0) a ) AS t1,

(SELECT @j:=@j+1 AS rowId, `id`, `categories` AS c2, `total` FROM extable18, (SELECT @j:=0) a ) AS t2

WHERE t1.rowId = t2.rowId;

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This was a great puzzle to work out!

But would something like this work out for you?

SELECT t1.`id`, t1.c1, t1.`total`, if(t2.rowId = t1.rowId, t2.`id`, null) as id, if(t2.rowId = t1.rowId, t2.c2, null) as c2, if(t2.rowId = t1.rowId, t2.`total`, null) as total


(SELECT @i:=@i+1 AS rowId, `id` as id, `categories` as c1, `total` as total FROM extable17, (SELECT @i:=-1) a ) AS t1,

(SELECT @j:=@j+1 AS rowId, `id` as id, `categories` AS c2, `total` as total FROM extable18, (SELECT @j:=-1) a ORDER BY c2 ASC ) AS t2

WHERE t1.rowId % @j = t2.rowId

Given that there are more records in t1 than t2 this will hold.

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