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HTML Wonders in JIRA tool


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Hello Friends,

I have observed that some of the current tools like JIRA are in high demand for technology organizations. Thus, I am trying to use this forum to explore the possible wonders that can be done via HTML coding for JIRA's TEXT Gadget. 

1) I have worked on creating tables & connecting multiple dashboards using HTML for JIRA and it has saved a lot of time and effort for our teams. 

2) Now; i was trying to understand the other possible ways; we can code in HTML to make the tool more interactive.

For instance - I am looking for your guidance on different aspects on how we can make the JIRA Text Gadget Dashboards more interactive. Like - 

a) We have queries in JIRA and can we not link the HTML to pull data from within another Gadget in JIRA?

b) Need help in the below on priority - 

         i) Assume I have 5 images (say - A / B / C / D / E )and I am working on a single Text Gadget say "MY IMAGES" - Now; if I click on image A which is currently visible in the "MY IMAGES" text gadget; I want the click to take me to next image - Image B (but in the same "MY IMAGES" gadget) and then If I click on Image B it should take me to the next image C (but within the same text Gadget - MY IMAGES) and so on.

        ii) Further, assuming I have a portion of my image saying Back - and if i am on Image E and If I click on Back; it should take me to Image D (as that was the previous image).

I tried using the W3School for <a href:  </a>. But for some reason when i paste the link of next image there; if doesn't take it. Where as the example in W3school has .htm values only. Also, how can i restrict the view to the active image and not show the next image unless we click on the first one (but all within the same GADGET - "MY IMAGES"

Thus,  can we please work together on this requirement? The tool W3School can use all these codes we use; as examples linked to each / complex code and can be of great help to the browsers in future.

Please advise.



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16 hours ago, manishgupta21 said:

<a href:  </a>

If this is exactly what you wrote, then you'd have a problem.

An example of proper syntax for an <a> tag is as follows.

<a href="contact-page.html">Contact Us!</a>

Also, that would only create a link to another page, it wouldn't display an image or anything.

You might be looking for the <img> tag. Proper syntax as follows.

<img src="kitty-cat.png" />


May I suggest including an example of your code. It will be more helpful than guessing how exactly you've done something.


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