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W3css Vertical align not working


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I'm using a copy of https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css

Basically I have a table with 4 TD entries per row. 3 of them are just numbers & the 4th has text in it. Sometimes the text column is very long & goes onto several lines.

When this happens, the 3 number fields are vertically-aligned to the middle. 

How can i alter my text to vertically-align the whole row to the top ? Ive put the Srtyle tag in the TR field and / or the TD fields - nothing works.

Im (currently) using 

<tr class='w3-margin'  stye='vertical-align: text-top'><td>31</td>
<td class='w3-left w3-left-align'>TEXT HERE<br /><br /></td></tr>

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