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why is data type function and not object?


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When i run the code below it outputs:





I don't understand why 'Array' is being output as 'function'. Is it not an object? 'Array' is the object and 'Array.isArray' is the method/function of that object.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<p id="demo1"></p>
<p id="demo2"></p>
<p id="demo3"></p>
<p id="demo4"></p>

var myObj = {
name: "bob",
age: 50,
nameAge : function() {
    return this.name + " " + this.age;
  var x = document.getElementById("demo1");
  x.innerHTML = typeof myObj;
  var x = document.getElementById("demo2");
  x.innerHTML = typeof myObj.nameAge;
  var x = document.getElementById("demo3");
  x.innerHTML = typeof Array;
  var x = document.getElementById("demo4");
  x.innerHTML = typeof Array.isArray;



Maybe 'isArray' is a function nested within the 'Array' function? If this is the case what would the syntax be for creating this? For example how would i change the following so myFun.withinFun() outputs "test"

function myFun(){

function withinFun(){return "test"}

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being more clear in my question
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Array is a function that returns an array object.  If that makes sense.

In Javascript, functions, arrays, and objects are all very closely related.  The syntax is even interchangeable: 


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