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scale buy button in modal image gallery


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I don't know if someone knows the answer to this, but here goes.

I am building a modal image gallery (with a big helping hand from dsonesuk).  I am a Shopify Lite subscriber meaning I don't have a site on Shopify but I can use their shopping cart software to add buy buttons to my images.  The problem is the buttons don't scale on different screen sizes.  So you have a buy button that is huge on a phone screen, the same size as it is on your 1920px monitor.  Shopify can't (or won't) help.  I don't know if it's possible to make the container div as well as the text inside it scale, but here is the link to my page as well as attached, if anyone knows.  Thank you.




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Thanks for that.  I don't believe I have access to the Assets folder he's talking about in the post because I don't have a site at Shopify, but this got me to looking at the embed code I generate from my buy buttons, and I did find where you can change the size of the div.  However there doesn't seem to be a place to change the font size for the "Add to Cart" text and the issue of scaling remains, but this is a good start.  Thank you.

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