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line break added within innerHTML?


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Apparently, I have a line break within my innerHTML in a span tag with id=accountPanelTxt .

I have to add a line break in a variable I am testing, as shown here.


if (x == '\ntrue') {


This is the resulting HTML, before the username innerHTML is altered:

<span id="accountPanelTxt">

<span id="usernameTxt">


This is the Javascript:

alert("got here1b");
loggedIn = document.getElementById("accountPanelTxt").innerHTML;
alert("logged in: "+loggedIn);

var userName = document.getElementById("usernameTxt").innerHTML;
alert("userName: "+userName);


x = document.getElementById("accountPanelTxt").innerHTML;
alert("x: "+x);

z = 'true';
alert("z: "+z);

y ='';
menuTxt = '';

if (x == '\ntrue') {
	y = "T";
		menuTxt = '<div class="dropdown"><button class="dropbtn">'+userName+'</button><div class="dropdowncontent"><a href="#">My Account</a><a href="#">My profile</a><a href="#">Profile Settings</a><a href="#">Notifications</a><br><a href="logout.php">Logout</a></div></div>';
} else {
	y= "F";
	menuTxt = '<a href="indextemplate.php" id="loginlink">Login</a></td><td><a href="indextemplate.php" id="loginlink">Register</a>';
document.getElementById("accountPanelTxt").innerHTML = menuTxt;

alert("got here2b");


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You are inserting  invalid block elements (div), also invalid td , as it should be within a tr element. This will cause the browser to render these invalids  element correctly creating extra empty elements causing the problems  you are experiencing.

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