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RYB color wheel values?


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Hello, I'm trying to figure out how these color values were obtained. I'm in this page https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_wheels.asp

The RYB values have #FEFE33 as yellow, not #FFFF00, for red it's #FE2712, not #FF0000 and so on.

I understand the difference between the additive and subtractive models but my question is how the values for RYB were obtained. Is there a something like a mathematical model,  a convention or standard or somebody eyeballed it? Notice that there are discrepancies between the color wheel and the table below and it's probably more noticeable with green #66B032 because in the color wheel it's a lot darker.

I've seen other values in other places (like here https://bahamas10.github.io/ryb/about.html) and as an example here is a list of values for RYB blue from different online sources: #003fff #007fff #2a71af #0247fe.

So I'm a bit confused and I'm trying to find the best RYB model for me.

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