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How to make a connection between ionic 4 client app and express on the server side?


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Hello. Any one here as experience with ionic 4 and express? I'm trying to do something simple:

A simple login form for the user to enter login and password and a connect button. Once the user click on connect to send the data to the server. I wanna see the data on the server side maybe using an alert.

Can anyone help me with that? It's been a couple of days I'm trying it. Please notice that I'm not trying something complex and the goal is to understand the concept, therefore the use of error handling, or whatever other utility to make the connection strong isn't necessary at all. Thanks ahead of time.

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So you've got 2 steps here you want to make sure of.

  • Send Data From app using a Form
  • Receive Data on Server and log to console to verify success.

Where are you stuck at?

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