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Image gallery with different image heights: Removing the gaps between


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hope you are all fine. 🎉

Currently I work with this script:

This is my state:
The problem is that gap between dfkjaslf.jpg and saada.jpg😭
There have to be images with different heights. The gaps should always be the same size.
I guess media queries are no option because of the resizable function (with that splitter in the middle).

I also tried it with a grid:
The images arrange correctly. But now there are vertical gaps. 🤔

Would be so thankful for help. ❤️

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IF you want equal height columns use ALL of my code (missed .row styling and you don't require float anymore). IF you want title/comment  to bottom edge of image remove margin-top: auto; as it forces the targetted elament to bottom OR adjust h4 default margins to a smaller margin.

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