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textarea inheriting font-size

Robert Moskowitz

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I cannot figure out how to get a textarea to have the same font-size as the rest of a document,

I have tried a lot of different things with style= following 


But can't figure it out.  Even tried without style:

<textarea readonly="readonly" onclick="this.select()"
sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200<br>

that text is smaller than the rest of the document.  So please point me to the magic on setting the font-size right for a textarea.


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Font-size: inherit, only works if you've defined a font size earlier in the document. Because you don't, it doesn't do any different from the default, which is 13.3333px (on Chrome)

You'll need to set the font-size on your <body> tag for inherit to work. Set it to 16 to start with.

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