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Confused on why my toFixed(2) function is not rounding my output. Located at the bottom of my code here. My output is "501327.3600770543"

//// Get the sq inch. for BuildIDs that start with AA and 
//// sets value to the "result" variable
var result=0;
var params = {
	maxItems: 100000 /* NUMBER */

//// result: INFOTABLE
var itPartInfo = Things["Training.InfoTable.PartInfo"].GetDataTableEntries(params);

// Return square inches of Oak needed for each build ID that starts with AA
// Like type filters by a like criteria
// filters rows from Infotable PartInfo
var query = {
  filters: {
    "type": "AND",
        "fieldName": "BuildID",
        "type": "LIKE",
        "value": "AA*"
        "fieldName": "MaterialType",
        "type": "EQ",
        "value": "Oak"
var oakparams = {
	t: itPartInfo /* INFOTABLE */,
	query: query /* QUERY */

// result: INFOTABLE
var sqresult = Resources["InfoTableFunctions"].Query(oakparams);

//Infotable for loop snippet
var tableLength = sqresult.rows.length;

// for loop will loop through itPartInfo, calculate the sq. in. for each part that starts with AA and return 
// sq. in. in "result"
for (var x = 0; x < tableLength; x++) {
	var row = sqresult.rows[x];
    	//Your code here
    	//+= addition assignment operator is basically same as "x = x + y"
    result += (row.Height*row.Width);


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