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Problem with sum

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I'm trying to create a little program to calculate the income with a tax, but i've got a problem. Instead of sum the 2 numbers, it aggregate them

Here the example:


Price = 100

Rate = 0.05

Tax = Price * Rate -> 100 * 0.05 = 5

Income = Price + Tax = 100 + 5 = 105 (but the result I obtain is 1005)


I want to specify that the Price is get from a input.

Here the code

<!DOCTYPE html>


		<input id="price" type="number" onchange="income()">

		<p id="result"></p>

	function income(){
		let price = document.getElementById("price").value;
		let rate = 0.05;
    	let tax = price * rate;
		let income = price + tax;
		document.getElementById("result").innerHTML ="The income is: " + income;


How can i fix it?

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The JavaScript compiler thinks your concatenating a string with a number, not performing addition. Input always returns a string, regardless of the type attribute. You'll need to typecast the price variable to a number by using any of the following.

  • parseInt(price) - If you know its going to be a whole number (which I don't think that's guaranteed). Errors on text.
  • parseFloat(price) - If you know it can be a non-whole number. Errors on text.
  • Number(price) - This assigns integer or float based on the input. NaN on text.


As an aside

The onchange event fires when the input loses focus while it has a different value.

In addition to onchange, you could add onkeyup to get an output as you type.

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