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How to place text paralel to image


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<div class="panel-affix-top">
<div class="panel">
    <h2><?= $_POST['username']; ?></h2> 
    <div class="images"><img src="<?= $data['profile_picture']?>" class="img-circle" height="125px" width="100px">

<p><b><?= $posts ?></span>&nbsp;Posts</b> &nbsp;
<b><?= $followers ?></span>&nbsp;Followers</b> &nbsp;
<b><?= $following ?></span>&nbsp;Followings</b></p>

<button type="submit" class="btn btn-short" name="submit_curr">NEXT</button>



Hello guys, can someone guide me how to place the text right to image same as the image below. Thank you.


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