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PHP Regular Expression


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I am trying to searching order of string match in PHP. I tried "preg_match_all" and it's works some case and not someother case.


$sd = "2:Inst:(Inp:low:():high:(UnDri)),.(Inp:low:(concat():high:(UnDriven)),.(Inp:low:((((1))((1)))):high:((Constant))),.";   // this should not match..


$sd = "2:Inst:(Inp:low:():high:(UnDri)),.(Inp:low:(():high:(UnDriven)),.(Inp:low:((concat((1))((1)))):high:((Constant))),.";  //  This should match


$tu = "(\binst\b)(,)(\blow\b)(.*)(\bconcat\b)(.*)(\bhigh\b)(.*)(\b(Constant)\b)";

if (preg_match_all("/$tu/i",$sd,$out,PREG_SET_ORDER)) {

    echo "GUI : $sd\n";

} else {





Maheshwaran B

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