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Need help settling a debate

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Long-time reader, first time posting. I got my bachelor's in software development a few years ago now and my courses were all online. I didn't know any of my classmates, communication wasn't great and getting help from the instructor involved emailing your question, waiting like a day, getting part of it answered, ask follow-up questions, wait a day. Rinse and repeat.

I got through my homework each  night largely due to the information I found on w3schools.com. There were others of course, but w3schools was a staple for me. I've always liked how it's laid out and how things are presented. We got talking about it at work and a coworker said I'm taking my chances by using w3schools.com because the information is out of date and that it's no longer curated or kept up to date by anyone.

I grew to like it and w3schools.com is still a go-to resource for me so I'm curious. Obviously these forums are active, but is that true?

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w3schools is one of my go-to sites whenever I need to clarify anything surrounding my HTML or CSS.


I tend to look at MDN more for JS, and php.net for PHP.

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I use MDN for HTML and CSS.

W3Schools is good for learning. Their primary job is to teach the basics and they do a pretty good job making things easy to understand. It is not complete as a reference, but that's not the focus.

As for W3Schools not being kept up to date, I have seen evidence that it is getting updated pretty frequently. It is pretty often that new forum members mention pages on the site that I was not aware existed.


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