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I have multiple instances of the same URL on the same page and, when I duplicate the page, I have to manually change every single href for this particular URL. Is there a way to specify this URL in the header so that every instance points to this new URL without having to manually change every one? What about multiple urls? so..A=https:...., B=https:...., C=https:... 

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You could try using relative to root links, that way if the current page changes, moves or duplicates, they still point to the same place. The only thing with this is you'll need to update them all should you need to move any of the linked pages. Relative to root paths start with '/' and are relative to wherever is "https://url.domain/index.html" (for example)

<a href="/path/to/file.html">Link</a>

So if you wanted to find https://w3.schools.invisionzone.com/topic/59575-html-header-tag/ (this thread)
You would go like this

<a href="/topic/59575-html-header-tag/">This Thread</a>


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