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Thoughts and advice on Flexbox design

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Hi, because of changes to our company I have recently become the web developer again. I enjoy web development, however, when I take 3-5 year breaks, I get rusty. Plus, things change, and new things that I am not up to speed with emerge. This time I have discovered that it a good idea to use Flexbox for responsive design. It looks like some great stuff. However, I am curious to know if I should really let this be what I rely on for a responsive site. Are there cons to working with Flexbox layouts? Thanks

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Flex box is good, but should only be needed when you want a behaviour different than the natural flow of elements. Elements will naturally stack themselves vertically and take the full page width with no styling at all, so it would be pointless to use a flex box if your layout just needs stacked elements as is the case for many modern websites. Flex box is useful when you need elements side by side, when you distribute them horizontally.

The only downside to flex boxes is that they completely ignore the default box model in order to fit things into their place.


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