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Mysql insert and update two different table

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I am Learner and I was building one app for learning purpose I have been stuck at one place from several days I have already write this question to other forums but did not get any working answer of this I am building one app where I need to insert some value to one table and need to update this last inserted Id to other table this all goes in single click in my app for this I am using Mysql database for which I wrote query insert into table name (field1, field2......) values (val1, val2.......); update table_name SET column_name where table_name.column_name IN(val1,val2,val3) when I am using this query in PHPmyadmin I am getting okay result but when I am doing same thing with nodejs app I am getting reserve word error from MySQL maybe because of using two queries in one statement I have also tried stored procedure but when I am using stored Procedure I am facing problem in passing array value to mysql variable 

If any one required any other details please contact me I will share code also

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Sharing some code might work well here.

It sounds like you're attempting to define a word that nodejs already uses. It might have nothing to do with your SQL.
We can't know for sure without seeing a little bit of code.

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