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The drop down search bar when this site is in phone mode (the "hamburger") does not go away once you have clicked in a given link.  I just stays there and obscures the screen.  Does anyone have a workaround?  This occurs on the template on the W3.CSS Templates version itself, not just on the one I have used.

Any ideas?   thank you!

Drop down problem image.png

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Usually the green links have separate pages they link to. This means it doesn't matter what's left at the end of your time on a page.

If you're doing a one-page based system, you might need to add the hamburger closing event onto the links.

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23 hours ago, Christopherp said:

Aha - understood.  Will search for a dropdown closing event

You should be able to re use the event that the hamburger button uses.

Try adding an onclick attribute that's similar to the hamburger button (if it has that attribute)

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