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Learning Bootstrap

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If I don't know Bootstrap classes and what they are doing, their effects etc.etc. then bootstrap is useless to me...
To make Bootstrap useful, I have to learn Bootstraps compleet encyclopedia classes.
I won't say that I am advanced in HTML5 and CSS3. (leaving JS/JQ outside for now).
Wouldn't it be better for me to build my own bootstrap with my own customised design and develop it as I go along... in this way I know my own code and can adjust/update where en when I want without having to dive into Bootstraps encyclopedia of classes.
Am I seeing thinking wrong on this?
Thanks for your input to make me see it from another point of view 

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Thanks... That's an option....
but somehow I still have to learn all the Bootstrap's classes and I am confined to all those names and have to remember what they do and their effects.
I can make my own CSS3 classes and build my own Framework and see it grows slowly...
But I see, it boils down to:  if I use Bootstrap I have to learn its encyclopedia of classes.

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