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"www-db deis unibo it" - has a copy of w3schools?

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Hi there.

Not sure what happened, if this is something normal, possible, or if someone is copying your website without consent here, I just wanted to warn just in case.

I typed "mysql date format" on Google today, and I clicked on the first result, which was a featured snippet (that Google thing that shows part of the page's content that might be what you're looking for). I didn't check the website. Then I landed on a page that looked almost identical to w3school, but it's not, and this is what I found weird.

Here's the link to the webpage: http://www-db.deis.unibo.it/courses/TW/DOCS/w3schools/sql/func_date_format.asp.html

And just a screenshot of the search result on Google as of today:


Is it normal? Is it a safe website?

Thanks by advance!

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