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Repeating Characters in Textarea / Text Boxes

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When running 


in IE 11, I get the following results.

"usrtxt=At W3Schools you w will find free Web-b building tutorials." 

Notice the characters which are being repeated.  How do I eliminate what we have come to call digital stuttering?

Thank you!

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I cannot reproduce that in any browser. Are you sure you did not type those extra letters yourself?

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I've managed to reproduce this.

Fix is at end.

The error is surrounding the 'hard' wrap attribute. It seems that the  new line characters created don't play well and differing browser behaviours are observed.

Internet Explorer seems to have an interesting time dealing with the new line characters. 

IE Query Sent

usrtxt: At+W3Schools+you+w%0D%0Awill+find+free+Web-b%0D%0Abuilding+tutorials.%0D%0A

When I moved the cursor around in IE to see if I could find these hidden characters, I ran into some weird behaviour (found a character, tried to go over it again, didn't work) and ended up with this being sent (NOTE THE ADDITIONAL "WILL", but the additional B is gone)

usrtxt: At+W3Schools+you+will%0D%0Awill+find+free+Web-%0D%0Abuilding+tutorials.%0D%0A

Chrome Query Sent

usrtxt: At+W3Schools+you+%0D%0Awill+find+free+Web-%0D%0Abuilding+tutorials.%0D%0A


I would instead use wrap=soft, and wrap on output instead. There really isn't very many scenarios where you need to use wrap=hard. (I personally haven't found any)

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