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how to set w3-include-html value dynamically

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My hard-coded <div w3-include-html="source.html"></div>  works fine.  However, I want to make it easy for an administrator to change from say, "source.html" to "source2.html".  

My script would read member "currentSource.txt", which would include simply "source2".

How can I dynamically create a DIV using HTML DOM that is <div w3-include-html="source2.html'></div>? 

The parameter within the <div, i.e. w3-include-html="source2.html' is not inner.HTML.  it is inner div. I'm not sure this is possible.

I can include an include where "currentSource.html" is the entire div, i.e. <div w3-include-html='source2.html'></div>.  An administrator could alter that member.  I'm trying to simplify it to the most minimum data.

At the time of this writing, the HTML5 import function is deprecated.

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