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Hi all,

My name is Danny and I'm a member of a small startup that is currently building a web solution that allows the user to display lyrics and motion graphics on a screen. Our solution looks very similar to the picture attached here, with the exception that ours is an online website where the user logs in in church services. We are moving all this onto a web.

Now, you'll see on the top left corner of the picture, there's a box outlined in blue where the lyrics are displayed with motion graphics. This is where I wanted to bring to anyone who would know how to solve this issue. We need to display only that box onto a screen via a projector. Now, since this is on a website, we are having issues with coding--allowing the projector to recognize that box and project onto a screen only that box. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? If so, we need your expertise and help! Anything helps. Thank you.



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