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Stored Procedure

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I have a table: Named  HighScores  

"INSERT HighScores 
VALUES ('Bob', 2500, '2 Jan 2013 13:13'),
           ('Jon', 1500, '2 Jan 2013 13:15'),
       ('Amy', 3500, '2 Jan 2013 13:18')"

I want to create a stored procedure that would:

The score must show the TOP 5 or so people.

Show your position on the high score board

Show the person in front and below you on the high score board.

If the scores are tied, the person who got it the most recent is shown higher.

Can anybody assist me please?

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It doesn't work for MySQL Workbench:

SELECT * FROM Customers
EXEC SelectAllCustomers;

But it is working:


T * FROM category;
END //

CALL SelectCategory();    


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