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I'm new to the W3Schools site and I noticed that there are responsive templates for free use.  They look pretty nice and are great examples to review for learning purposes.  However, unless I missed it, there seem to be no links to download any of these templates.  I can do a view-page-source to copy the code, and any associated items referenced, but that could result in incomplete downloads,  and it seems there should be a better way.   If this issue is addressed elsewhere please advise.  Thanks!

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Hey there ASPete,

If you want full downloads of the code check out this webpage and use the "try it yourself" buttons on the theme you wish to download.

You'll find the entire source ready for copying into your own environment. You'll just need to make sure that you replace any images (and other local resources) with your own in the corresponding folder.

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I have the same question. If I copy the "try it now" code into my dreamweaver editor, how do I reference the w3.css files? Do I just leave those references alone and allow my new site to always use w3.css remotely, or do I somehow save the css file to my server?

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