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positioning an image


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take a look at this fiddle....I have placed an image(it is a blue arroe) in the mails menu item with a class name of show_inf....

Despite positioning it absolute it appears inside the the user_stats menu item(I cannot understand why it appears there)....I want it to appear inside the mails menu item as depicted in the HTLM-which is it's parent element anyway.


What is wrong here?

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let us clarify some things....take a look again at the HTML of the fiddle....the image is placed inside the mails menu item...the problem is that it appears in front of the user stats menu item.

I do not want that of course...so how can I fix it?

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11 hours ago, Ingolme said:

That depends on where you want it to appear. The code you write does exactly what you tell it to do.

I don't know what you want, so I can't tell you how to do it.

I am finally getting it...a parent element is different from an ancestor somehow...there is an overlap though in some cases.

here is what I want to do:

When the user clicks a menu item I want the arrow to appear directly below that menu item.

Now clicking the mails(I do not use a click handler in the fiddle,a placed the arrow image inside a menu item just for demo purposes so as to find the problem) item the arrow appears somewhere else....

What do you propose?

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