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window.open(URL, name, specs, replace)

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I am working on a test project, I would like to understand how the "fullscreen=yes|no|1|0"  from the "specs" part works... I have read on the internet that this option doesn't works(?), but since it is on w3 there must be a way to make it work... Could someone please give me an example of code showing the proper way of using this? Because from the code I have I just can't manage to do it... 

Here is a partial code of what I have, it does open the page that I want, but just won't do it in fullscreen mode...

var myWindow;

function openWin() {
  myWindow = window.open("dummy.html", "", "fullscreen=yes", "");

Many thanks!


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What browser are you attempting to use for this?

Fullscreen=yes is only supported in Internet Explorer.

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