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where are autocomplete/autofill words stored ?


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My question is about autocompletion or autofill. (is there a difference between these 2 definitions?)

I can't get where input names or input urls or input emails are 'stored'.

Its related to forms I made in html/css but the same thing occurs when going to a forum being on multiple years ago. The username is still there often with the credentials.


The main question is: Where is this stored ? 



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I found the location of the browser cache here

C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache

but I cant  read the content of the files .

The file list goes back to end september but some remembered cache data are from over a decade ago.

What kind of files are this and how 'safe' is it?

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You may see possible usernames used but not passwords, if you saved usernames and passwords, to a specific url address. Anyone who can access this computer user account and goes to the same browser page your login credentials were saved,  those will appear for that user, unless you use master password to access login credentials for that site. These are built into most browsers or you can use a addon such as lastPass. Bookmarks can also hold login details but not password, just user id.

Either clear these from these addon, or browser cache as already mentioned,  by selecting clear history and selecting saved login details option.

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