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Hello, @Patrick Kizito Mubiru

There are several programming languages that can help you to create application for blockchain. You may use any one among the traditional ones like C++, Java and Python, or others like Simplicity and Solidity - that are new and more specific to  blockchain.

  • C++ is blockchain programming language allows for effective management of resources and offers greater control over memory. Blockchain requires many users and miners to interact and operate both systematically and simultaneously. C++ creates applications that can not only coordinate between numerous endpoints but also process their interactions quickly. It’s why blockchain projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple were all written in C++.
  • Java has been crucial for the worldwide web. Some would argue it is at the heart of it along with HTML and CSS. The blockchain programming language is traditional and useful in creating highly interactive webpages. It is also now useful in making simple and immutable blockchains. Immutability makes it impossible for anyone to change the contents in a block after it has been verified or “hashed”.
  • Python syntax and logic of this blockchain programming language uses reflects this very ambition of the creator. Python is, hence, a top language for software and web development. It is popular among developers, data scientists. It is now also a top blockchain programming language.
  • Simplicity is a blockchain programming language that was designed for smart contracts. This blockchain programming language is so easy, claimed its creator Russel O’Connor, that “it fits on a t-shirt”.
  • Solidity is a blockchain programming language is high-level and contract-based. Its script is similar to scripts of some of the languages listed above like Java, and it borrows concepts like variables, functions and classes from them.

I hope above information will be useful for you.
Thank you.

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C++ is blockchain programming language

Referring to C++ as a "blockchain programming language" is pretty inaccurate. C++ is not a programming language dedicated to developing blockchain applications, it is a general purpose object-oriented language designed to be close to the metal.


Java has been crucial for the worldwide web. Some would argue it is at the heart of it along with HTML and CSS.

I think you are mixing Java with Javascript, they are two completely unrelated languages.

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