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skipping CSS


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I finished studying html, and i started CSS but its same as html. should i skip css and just go to JS? 

i have a background in c (arduino and raspberry pi ), am not interested in the whole front-end code (its like making a power-point presentation more than coding). when am going through css its like a am going through  html yet again. i could finish it in a week probably (since i finished studying html and since it seems like css is the style sheet of html). am just feeling like am wasting my time. I have this bad habit, if i start reading something, i don't feel completed if i don't go from cover to cover. 

PS: even if i got a comment to skip CSS, i would probably do the contrary and finish it (i just don't feel its that important for a person who is interested in the back-end programming ). i have got this bad habit of following numbers and steps even if its so repetitive.

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by the way my plan is to be a full stalk dude. the thing is html gave me the whole idea of front end. and to tell the truth its not that interesting. so i want to skip css and go to js.  but the thing is i dont want to miss things by doing so. am new to web related programming, looking forward for your comments . 

thanks before hand.


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HTML without CSS is practically useless in the modern web. If you don't know CSS in depth then you might as well not know HTML. CSS appears simple on the surface but it is actually more difficult to master than many people think.

If you intend to be a full stack developer, it is usually a good idea to master the front end before moving on to the back end.

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No. CSS is essential and even though it's rather simple, it's still an integral part of web design. CSS is getting a little more complicated these days with different functions for both layout and animation. I would learn as much as possible.

  • Avoiding inline CSS
  • How to make fluid layouts
  • How to make screen size independent layouts
  • How to combine fluid layouts with screen size independent layouts
  • How to make style rules universal across the design so you write less code
  • How to serve style information as quickly as possible by all critical/shared style rules in one separate file

There's plenty to learn.

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