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Add this to JavaScript tutorial


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Add this to navigator object, it is really cool,


<video id="media" width="300" height="300" controls></video>

navigator.getWebcam = (navigator.getUserMedia || navigator.webKitGetUserMedia || navigator.moxGetUserMedia || navigator.mozGetUserMedia || navigator.msGetUserMedia);
if (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia) {
            audio: true,
            video: true
        .then(function (stream) {
            var video = document.getElementById("media");
            video.srcObject = stream;
        .catch(function (e) {
            logError(e.name + ": " + e.message);
} else {
            audio: true,
            video: true
        function (stream) {
            //Display the video stream in the video object
        function () {
            logError("Web cam is not accessible.");

This show your web cam in web-page

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