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Data is coming out of MySQL as 'r' on my PHP page

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I have the following columns in a MySQL database table:

StoryHeadline [varchar] 

StoryByline [varchar] 

StoryText [text]

In the database, the text appears correctly. In a previous page, when I use row["StoryHeadline"] the output appears correctly.

However, on my new page, where I'm using the ID from the previous page to pull just one specific row's data, I get the letter 'r' for output of all three of these fields. Here's the code:

Setting the variables:

$Headline = row["StoryHeadline"];
$ByLine = row["StoryByline"];
$StoryText = row["StoryText"];

Assembling the overall output:

$StoryRecap = $Headline . '<br />by' . $ByLine . ' ' . $TimeLine . '<br /><br />' . $StoryText;

Then when printing to the page:

<?php echo $StoryRecap; ?>

What I actually end up seeing:


by r Tue Jul 02, 1:01 am


How do I get my correct data to display? Thanks!

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