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Hyperlink format in table W3.CSS

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when using

<table class="table table-striped table-condensed table-bordered table-hover">

with a header of

            <th><a href="~/HelpFiles/Steps-Progenitor.html" target="_blank">Progenitor</a></th>

The colour od the link is not honoured not is the underline making it hard to see its a link, anyway to correct this?




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From my experience, <a> tags have their own styling that they apply after all inherited styles, but before any styles it has assigned to the element itself.

This just means that if you want to style <a> tags, you need styles that directly apply to <a> tags. You'll need to add a style like this

table.table.table-striped.table-condensed.table-bordered.table-hover a {
  /*Styles here */

Or add a class to the <a> tag and style that.

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