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why while print last row? I need to print all record


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to display all record in php from database, there are three rows in phpmyadmin already, but why while won't print three rows? it just printed last row. what did I do wrong? I followed exactly from w3school's instruct, but it is still show last row, not all record.

	$show = "SELECT FirstName, LastName, City, State, TimeZone FROM sampleDB";
        $query = mysqli_query($GaryDB, $show);
        if(mysqli_num_rows($query)) {
            while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)) {
                $display = "<tr><td>".$row['FirstName']."</td><td>".$row['LastName']."</td><td>".$row['City']."</td><td>".$row['State']."</td><td>".$row['TimeZone']."</td></tr>";
        } else {
            $display = "<tr><td>None of record in database</td></tr>";

Can you help?



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