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MIN() and MAX()

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Hello, @M Vishnu vardhan

MIN() function :

  • The MIN() function returns the smallest value in the specified table field(column).
  • For example, let's suppose we want to know the year in which the oldest movie in our library was released, we can use MySQL's MIN() function to get the desired information.
SELECT MIN(`year_released`) FROM `movies`;

Execute above query in MySQL the output look like that :



MAX() function :

  • The MAX() function is the opposite of the MIN() function. It returns the largest value from the specified table field(column).
  • Let's assume we want to get the year that the latest movie in our database was released. We can easily use the MAX() function to achieve that.
SELECT MAX(`year_released`)  FROM `movies`;

Execute above query in MySQL the return output look like that :



I hope above information will be useful for you.
Thank you.

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