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date() i doesnt give leading zeros correct


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I want a string input of minutes into minutes with leading zeros

I use date() for this

    $time_in_min ='7';
	$minutes = date("i" ,$time_in_min)	;

but all I get is 00 while i according to the date() param explanation should give a leading zero. Like :07

How should this be solved?



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Try wrapping this in an if statement that tests for string length:

$var = 7; 
echo sprintf('%02d', $var); 


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If you use date() you have to provide a unix timestamp made up of seconds. 7 is seven seconds, therefore minutes indeed will show 00.

You need to give 7 min made up as seconds.

	<!DOCTYPE html>
$d=60*7; //60sec x 7 = 7mins
echo "Created date is " . date("i", $d);

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