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HTML slider write to a local file its value

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Dear all,

In my project, I am using an emebedded webserver LIGHTTPD with PHP.
Within the main webpage, I use slider to write its value within a local file on my Linux OS.

I wrote the slider like this:

<input type="range" name="lightInputName" id="lightInputId" value="1" min="1" max="20" onchange="getvalor(this.value);" oninput="lightOutputId.value = lightInputId.value">
<input size="1" type="text" name="lightOutputName" id="lightOutputId"></input>

What I want to do is to know if a javascript and/or PHP script is able to read the value of the slider, and copy it onto a local file.

I don't have any idea on how to do this.

Many thanks for your guidance.

Best regards,

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Only php can write to file, php and javascript can read the value, javascript directly from the current page (client side), php on submission to server and reloading of page it was sent to. Or through AJAX read by javascript sent values to php page to retrieve values and process.

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