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wrong answer in CSS exercise


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Hi, maybe you have noticed yet, but just in case:

in the CSS tutorial, in the exercise 3 of "CSS text" ( https://www.w3schools.com/css/exercise.asp?filename=exercise_text3 ), when you give the correct answer it returns "Link has wrong text decoration", even copying the answer gived by the tutorial, it returns the same answer.

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16 hours ago, Ingolme said:

Right, blame the fox.

Oh no, Ingolme!!!

7 hours ago, Steven1 said:

I just tried in Chrome and it works but Firefox reports an error. This is weird that this is browser independent. Mind= blown.

It seems to be an interesting behaviour of window.getComputedStyle() and getPropertyValue("text-decoration")

Its important to note, that the exercise checks for the existence of none inside this property value.

On Firefox, when you've defined the text-decoration as none it actually removes the text-decoration-line(default: underline) and text-decoration-style(solid) keywords from the text-decoration property value. So you're only left with the text-decoration-color. Hence the process fails.

On Chrome, text-decoration is property that seems to be directly combined from text-decoration-linetext-decoration-style, and text-decoration-color. Hence none exists, the process succeeds, and the question is marked correct.

If the question checked for text-decoration-line instead of generic text-decoration, this question would no longer be an issue.

I agree, this is very interesting stuff!

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