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I've been working on my website for 2 weeks now.

It is now ready, with all the pages and templates it needs.

it has about 5 .html files that are the templates, and about 20 ,html files that are just content.

I do know that i will not be able to maintence big website with static html files.

I am looking for advice on what to do next? 

I want to make it single page website for faster page load speed, and also to be able to edit mutliple .html files through 1 master page.

what is the best way for me to go?

there are so many options im totaly lost ...

i have good knowledge of html css and JS.

maybe using react?

wordpress is kinda bad if i am trying to grow my website and add new stuff all the time?

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This would really depend on if you want your site up and going as fast as possible, or you're wanting to experiment with something new. 

I recently joined on to a dev team that served their whole website with static files, it was a nightmare to maintain, so it's good you can see that hurdle.

If you've got a good grasp on HTML, CSS and JS you may want to get the jump on a server-side language. PHP may be a good pick for at making your website a little more easy to maintain.

I can imagine that the header and footer of your website is the same in each page? You'll be able to use the include command to bring it into your page at will. When you update the "header.php" file, it'll update in all the pages that link to it. That's the first thing I did, and its made updating the site a real breeze. 
If you feel up to it, you may also try using a framework like Laravel, or Symfony. However, they're more complex and not covered on the w3schools PHP module.

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