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Open a new page in inline code?

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How do I open a new page (replacing the current one) in inline code, i.e. without the need to click  something?


	open new page



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It's not a case of "just thinking".  There is a decision making via the "if" statement so I don't see why there shouldn't be a facility to go to a new page based on the decision.  One should be able to do "anything" without human intervention.  However, it seems that is not possible with website programming - something I consider a deficiency.

Nonetheless, thanks for your help!

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Before it reaches the if/else condition, it has to be triggered by interaction with the browser/app/program by an event. THAT! is the only discision made, the if/else condition processes data passed to it to determine what action to take on the data passed to it.

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You don't need JavaScript at all. I was formerly using it for inline code but have beefed up my security settings by disallowing all forms of inline code, now I use a meta tag like this;

<!-- Replace the zero with how many seconds of delay you want before the refresh is triggered -->
<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='0;url=https://example.com' />

If you really want to use JavaScript you could use this;

// The following replaces the current URL with a new one

// Or with a time delay in microseconds (currently set at 2 seconds)
setTimeout( function() {window.open('https://example.com','_self')}, 2000);


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