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undesired alt tooltip shows up, is this a virus or a bug ?

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Hi my server setup is WAMP offline.

My virus scanner is Windows Defender.


I have created a form in html where the user can submit a series of links. I do not use the attribute alt or other javascript code for a tooltip on the page.


I created a random https address url list to check the header status and when 200/301/302/303 true; I use file_get_contents() to scan the (malicious) sites their content.


now 1 of the input fields has a https link address and when hovering over the input box there will be a tool tip with the link address.

The other input form fields dont give a tooltip ( alt popup) when hovering over it.


Is this a virus or can it also be a bug? I read online about a tooltip virus.


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12 hours ago, Funce said:

Are you sure this isn't just your browser's auto-fill? Like this 'tooltip' only includes what you've previously written into similar fields?

it could be.

I tested it now in another browser (Brave) and here the web address didnt give a tooltip.


But what causes these differences? Autofill?

How can I control that?



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