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Some Error In This Code , don't know What

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Hi there, welcome to the forums!

As it stands, your question can't really help us determine what's wrong apart from downloading a random file.

It would help if you did the following

  • Tell us in your post what you're trying to do.
    • Are you seeing an error? Or looking for one. What makes you think its an error, if you can't find it?
  • Tell us what you're expecting
  • Give us a snippet of code using the code block feature to show what's actually happening.


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JS Fiddle is great for experimenting

I modified your code and came up with something a bit nicer. Try to avoid using inline CSS. It doesn't work well with fluid websites. Edit. Also try to reuse as much code as you can to minimize the page size and make things easier for development.

Try this: https://jsfiddle.net/vc9p7twk/

Edited by Steven1

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