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Mistake in one of your Website's informations about C++

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Hello dear, 

i found one of your websites about the switch case statements in C++. 

It says: 
"If there is a match, the associated block of code is executed."
This is not wrong, BUT it is not mentioned later (break statements), that the code ist executed *from the line* of the match (and not only the match codeblock) to the end of the switch block, if there is no break statement. 
"break" does not only save runtime, if you don't use it, you will get some hard to find unexpected behavior in your programs. 
    int i= 7;
    switch (i) 
        case 5: cout << 5 << endl; 
        case 6: cout << 6 << endl; 
        case 7: cout << 7 << endl; 
        case 8: cout << 8 << endl; 
        case 9: cout << 9 << endl; 

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The best way to make the site staff aware of the problem is to click the "REPORT ERROR" button at the bottom of the page, since they almost never visit the forums.

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