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$Results & $AffectedRows Problem


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The third section of code below gave me some results (some amounts) but these were incomplete so I coded the first (TEMP) section to list my rows for debugging purposes.  When I did that, the results in my third section all changed to 0 amounts. So, for further debugging purposes, I coded section 2.  Section 1 listed my rows but section 2 did not list any rows - only the "LIST2" & "END2".
I don't understand why, I get 0 amounts nor why section 2 wont list. (I don't think I have coding errors).

			//TEMP  SECTION 1 --------------------------
		        while ($rowa = mysql_fetch_row($myResults))
			    {print("$rowa[0] / $rowa[1] / $rowa[2] / $rowa[3] / $rowa[4] / $rowa[5] / $rowa[6] / $rowa[7] / $rowa[8]<br>");}
		    //TEMP SECTION 2 --------------------------
		        while ($rowx = mysql_fetch_row($myResults))
			    {print("$rowx[0] / $rowx[1] / $rowx[2] / $rowx[3] / $rowx[4] / $rowx[5] / $rowx[6] / $rowx[7] / $rowx[8]<br>");}
            SECTION 3----------      
		    for ($loop=1;$loop<($AffectedRows+1);$loop++)
			{while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($Results))
					{$BBal[$row[4]] = ($BBal[$row[4]] - $row[3]);
					$BBal[$row[5]] = ($BBal[$row[5]] + $row[3]);}
				else{$Bal[$row[4]] = ($Bal[$row[4]] - $row[3]);
					$Bal[$row[5]] = ($Bal[$row[5]] + $row[3]);}}}
             ...print results...


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Hi there,

So first off, your results! You say they're incomplete and don't understand why, that's cool. But what are the results you wanted? What did you end up getting? What data is in your database? If you can mock up a database entry, and give us your expected output, and actual output, we might be able to get somewhere.

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