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I have an XML file that uses two different XSLs. How can I get these two documents into a HTML document* and works across all browsers?Can someone please help and give a full code of the HTML file...just keep the names simple too (example: data.xml; one.xsl; two.xsl).Thanks,Kevin*PHP format would also be helpful (if that's easier)

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Well, you could do the processing in PHP and include the result in the HTML. Let's say this is the HTML with the PHP include:

<html><head>...</head><body>...<?php include("XSLT1Processor.php"); ?><?php include("XSLT2Processor.php"); ?>...</body></html>

Where the XSLT#Processor.php files contain something like:

<?php$xml = new DomDocument;$xml->load('data.xml');$xsl = new DomDocument;$xsl->load('one.xsl');$xslt = new Xsltprocessor;$xslt->importStylesheet($xsl);$transformation = $xslt->transformToXml($xml);echo $transformation;?>

Note: The XSLT extension MUST be enabled on PHP for this to work.

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