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Is there a way to write a sql query that contains a decimal column, currently set to 2 decimals, to give me results that the hundredths column doesn't end in zero and excludes .25, .75.   For example, finding .35 but not .25 or finding .83 but not .80.   Any select statement to find those records is what I am looking for as I have tried where cast(hours as decimal(10,2)) - hours > 0 
 but brings me back decimals ending in zero as well as .25 and .75.   Thanks.


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Decimal and date time are not compatible, one works in divisions of 10 the other in divisions of 60.

Is 1.25, 1 hour 25min or 1 hour 15mins. If you are dealing with time use YEAR(), MONTH() etc, to get true, less confusing, datetime value

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