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SQL Select Statement with decimal search

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Is there a way to write a query that has a decimal column, currently set to .nn, to give me results that the hundredths column doesn't end in zero in the hundredths column and excludes .25, .75.   For example, finding .35 but not .25 or finding .83 but not .80.   Any select statement to find those records is what I am looking for as I have tried where cast(hours as decimal(10,2)) - hours > 0 
 but brings me back decimals ending in zero as well as .25 and .75.   Thanks.

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Use many BETWEEN operators with an OR between each BETWEEN if you want do it with SQL.

I'd use one BETWEEN and process the resulting array with a php loop.




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I should give example of values in calculations, 'hours' means nothing unless you actually identify what the value actually is.

You can use IN or NOT IN to get specific values ex. NOT IN(.0, .00,.25,.75,.80) you could remove the decimal point from value to test against, and NOT IN values.

Removing portion of value RIGHT(), SUBSTRING()

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