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Checking If Div Overlaps Browser


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Hi there,

 I am trying to check whether a div overlaps the browser height using getBoundingClientRect().height and comparing it to window.innerHeight:


#container {
min-height: 100vh


document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
    let landingScreen = document.getElementById('container')    
    let getHeight = window.innerHeight
    let landingHeight = landingScreen.getBoundingClientRect().height
    if (landingHeight <= getHeight) {
        do this
    } else {
        do that 

However this doesn't seem to always return accurate results. sometimes it considers the div to be the height of the window, even when content is clearly overlapping. Is there a more robust way of achieving this?


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Printing to the console shows the div and browser height as the same, despite some of the content of the div spilling out of view. It is almost like it is treating min-height as max-height. Are there possibly some compatibility issues with using 100vh and javascript getBoundingClientRect()?

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I suspect some margins may be escaping the container. The quick solution to that would be to add overflow: hidden to #container.

Another possibility is that images are changing the height of the container. Since DOMContentLoaded usually fires before images have loaded, the images are not adding to the height of the container at the time that the event fired.

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