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Problem with ".mp4" videos.


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Attention: W3Schools Forums members:

     I have a web page with numerous ".mp4" videos on it.  Lately, I have noticed that when I click on the hyperlink for one video, it will play, but after that, when I click on other video hyperlinks, those videos will not play.  Can you tell me why this is happening?  Thank you ( see Colossians 3:15, for example ) for your help and your patience.  Keep in touch. 🙂

Sincerely in Christ,

Russell E. Willis

P.S. - Please read Proverbs 23:23.

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First you have to check your .mp4 video file size, if your other videos are large then it may be possible that your hosting provider restrict its access.

Also check the permission and path of your video file.

Are you using any CMS?


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